Monday, February 16, 2015

My Plan 1.1.16

  1. I will follow Nutrisystem  for 3 months.
    In that time I will plan out my weekly meals based on the foods I am given, and I will plan my families meals at the same time and try to make the same meals for them that I will be eating.
  2. I will do everything I can each week to achieve my Goals
  3. I will also start using a Fitness Planner for tracking my weight and journaling.
  4. I will record both a written and a video weekly update of my weight and progress on Sundays.
  5. I will become more active in my daily life, to include a 5 day workout plan. 
  6. I will keep using the Mindset Makeover, and I will keep following the weekly lessons.
  7. I will set 2 to 3 weekly goals as part of my weekly posts and weigh in.

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