Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weigh-In #3


Start weight:                     271.4 lb
Weight change:                 Lost 11.4 lbs
Current weight:                 260 lbs
BMI Status:                         Obese

The "week’s" change:
-1.4 lbs

Goal weight:                   145.0 lb
% Goal Complete:          9.4%
% Time Complete:       5.8%

Days left:                         344

First off, I am sorry I have not posted my Goal Update, I will do so today. Yesterday was Valentines Day and I had other things on my mind than writing. I am marking my agenda so as to not miss it next week. 

Now than.

I feel I have lost all of the easy weight I had (water shed mostly). Now I need to really work at this. I only did 2 workouts this week. I did one on the day I was having a hard time, and I worked hard for an hour. Today I jogged back and forth in my garage for a solid 45 min. I have no idea how far that is, so I am just counting it as prep. So this week I am not letting myself make up reasons to not workout in some way. I have Yoga, walking and jogging, and weights (I found my 1lb set and my 5lb set), and the internet is full of free workout videos I can cast to my TV. I WILL workout EVERY DAY. There is no reason not to. I like it, I feel better, I'm getting better fast, so its just my lazy ways that are stopping me. I can not be fit and lazy, my husband my get away with it but he had years in the armed forces to teach his body to stay lean and mean.  

As for my eating, this was a week of love, so there was a date night with Sushi with way less rice. I did eat some Sugar Free chocolate yesterday. I need to find some new fast veggies, and I need to break down and get some fat free ranch and other healthy dressings for my salads. Also I will get some sugar free creamer, so I can stop using the normal stuff. These things may only count for a few calories a day each, but if I have more than 1 coffee, or a salad with lunch and dinner, it adds up. I do now have alarms set on my phone for each meal and snack. This is not only to remind me to eat at snack time, but to keep me from eating when I don't need to. I'm taking control of my hunger and learning about Internal Hunger vs. External Hunger. 

I got some gum to help with the need to chew and for the sweet tooth attacks. I also got stuff to add to my water, I didn't really like it. I like water, Ice Cold Water. mmmmmm 

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