Friday, February 13, 2015

Feeling better

So I did work out for an hour, and I worked hard to some mood fitting music. Nothing like some Tool and NIN for jogging back and forth in a small space. I kept my heart rate up, and when I would walk/jog I found that I like slow jogging more than I ever thought. At the start of the hour I was jogging for the heat, by the end I was jogging for the wind on my skin. I think that is my target from now all. I finished my workout by taking the dog for a walk and my playlist started playing the Guardians of the Galaxy sound track, happy and uplifting. A great end.

Add to that a long talk with my loving husband, and some time with a friend, and I thing I'm going to make it. Today I hurt still from the workout, normal. I feel better. I'm not giving up.


  1. If you have Amazon Prime and their music app, they have Prime playlists for everything. I have been listening to a hard rock / metal playlist for runners that they have listed.