Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weigh-In #4


Start weight:                     271.4 lb
Weight change:                 Lost 12.4 lbs
Current weight:                 259 lbs
BMI Status:                         Obese

The "week’s" change:
-1 lbs

Goal weight:                   145.0 lb
% Goal Complete:          10.2%
% Time Complete:       7.9%

Days left:                         336

Yep, I lost even less. I did yoga 3 times this week and was active indoors, and I lost less. I believe its because yesterday I broke down and had Taco Bell for lunch yesterday. last week I started stepping on the scale every day. So I know yesterday I was 257.2, today I'm 259. I was mad and sad and this makes me not want fast food anymore. That is the positive I'm taking away from this. 

The ice and snow made it easy to get away with not jogging and not working out as hard. But this week I'm jogging in the hall if I need to. I will keep the yoga, but not as a real workout. Yoga is a small workout but I need to bust my butt a little more than this. 

Next week is the first week of the new month, so I will be doing a Feb. evaluation. I want to feel like I want to look back and feel good, I fear I will not. Here is to Hope. 

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  1. I had a quote up for a while from Confucius - "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."

    There is some success here. You kept up the yoga, even if you didn't jog. You identified why exercise wasn't happening, and made a plan to fix the problems you ran into this week. Celebrate those successes even as you mourn the failures.

    The problem with losing weight is that it seems like a simple mathematical issue - eat fewer calories than you spend. But it's far, far more than that. You are working on undergoing an entire mental transformation in how you think, how you comfort yourself, how you celebrate, and how you think about yourself. Such things come only with significant struggle, in my experience. This weekly review is a huge tool in making that struggle successful. You're doing well, and likely far better than you think you are.