Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Plan 1.0.0

  1. I will follow Nutrisystem  for 3 months.
    In that time I will plan out my weekly meals based on the foods I am given, and I will plan my families meals at the same time and try to make the same meals for them that I will be eating.
  2. I will losses 2 lbs a week.
  3. I will also start using a Fitness Planner from now on.
  4. I will record weekly updates of my weight and progress.
  5. I will become more active in my daily life, walking, jogging, working out, and moving more.
  6. I will start the Mindset Makeover tonight, and I will keep following the weekly lessons.
  7. I will set 2 to 3 weekly goals as part of my weekly posts and weigh in.

As I work through my planner and the weekly Mindset Makeover I will revisit this and update it.

My Plan 1 (the first month) .0 (number of revisions) .0 (number on days into the stated month)


  1. That sounds very doable. I like the way that most of your plan focuses on the process, which you can control, and not so much on what you will achieve by that process. You can control everything except step 2. Step 2 is what you hope to achieve by doing all the other stuff. Good to lay it all out that way. You've made it possible to be successful even when your body doesn't feel like cooperating with the 2 pound a week loss.

  2. Good point, when I next post this, I will change that something along the lines of actively working on becoming more healthy. As long as I am doing that, I will be headed in the right direction. Thank You!