Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big Box

Today my box of Shelf Stable foods got here. I filmed an unboxing but it is really not the best but it is my first time. I had a friend help out, and I also got a few text messages while we were doing it. In short, don't judge me :3 But it is also an honest look at me, as I am, before I start.

First off, the Order comes with another Fast 5, and I had said I would do that again in 3 weeks. I will not be doing that. I decided to go ahead and open it, and just add the 7 days of meals to the meals I have I will not have the 7 snacks, but I get 7 of each of the shakes, so that is a pay off in my book. I didn't record the unboxing of that because I though it would just be more of the same. But the foods Were diffident. I do have pics of the foods and where they are set up for you. In the end, I have 25 each of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners that are Shelf Stable. Plus 18 Snacks, and 7 of each shake. Frozen Food Still to come.

So the F5 actually had 3 Muffins! It also had more bars, so I now have a total of 13 meal bars for breakfast. Of 25, 13 are bars. Even if I like then, that is a lot of meal bars. So I will change that up. I'm adding donuts and muffins and yummy things to the Next month.

yep, 10 meal bars there. I'm stuck on them because there are so many. that too will change next month. But there are a few things I know I like, and a few that I feel may be not to my liking. I am giving them a go no mater what. Online there is a score I can give each food, 1 to 5 stars. I will be keeping track. 

Ok, so dinners are looking good. the Joke here is I worked at a Domino's before this, and now Pizza is not a treat at all. and I have 5 so far. But I also have a lot of good looking things to try for the first time. Its a good round selection too. So far I'm feeling good about this. 

The only thins missing is the popcorn, it was off to the side and I didn't see it until I was putting it all away. But its a good mix of sweet and salty. There were none in the F5, so the numbers will not match, That just means I will skip a nigh snack from time to time. no big deal,

The shakes are the same ones as in the F5 I did before. I looked them up and they are not cheap, so I count this as a bonus. At first I didn't like the ZING shake, but after a few days it was good.

This is how I am going to store and organize my dry goods. The breakfast and snacks stack right now, and if next month that changes I can change how I do it. With less bars I may need both shelves for stored food and move the weeks planned meals into the kitchen.

Right now the plan is to bind the 3 mean meals for each day and store them in the 3 clear bins, and I can choose the snack that fits my mood. 

So I Start first thing in the Morning. I will update in weight (I know it went up... ) and I am planning on filming the first taste of each food. I have a plan in mind as to how to do that. Until tomorrow!

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