Friday, February 6, 2015

mini update 2-6-15

I don't normally agree with weighing myself so many times in a week. but its for record keeping. I'm just going to list dates, weights, notes, and move on. Today is day one, I will be doing full weigh in updates starting Sundays. what will mean I weighed myself 3 times this week. but it will only be one time a week after this week.

  • 1-23-15       272 lbs
    I realized how close I am to 300 lbs and I put my foot down. I picked up the fast 5 from Sam's Club and made an agreement with my hubby.
  • 1-26          271.4 lbs
    Start day for Fast 5.
  • 2-2          263.0 lbs
    I finished the Fast 5 and my hubby and I did a pro/con of joining Nutrisystem. I place my order.
  • 2-6        262.2 lbs
    I start my program.

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