Monday, January 26, 2015

Here were go again

I'm 30 yrs old and 271.4 lbs female just beginning weight loss journey. I have 100 lbs to loss minimum. My End goal is to weigh 145 lbs again, but my first goal is to loss that first 5 lbs. I'm starting the Nutrisystem Fast 5[1] today, I got my 7 day meal kit[2] at Sam's Club. I did some looking into it and Nutrisystem have a mixed audience as far as I can tell. The people that stick to it 100% do well bet give up a lot. While the people that mix in there home cooked meals and snacks stop gaining, but don't loss a lot and are upset.
Going into this I know its going to be hard, and its not over night, but I want to live a good life, and see my kids grow up, I want to stop feeling like everyone is looking at me and seeing the fat chick and making judgement while I'm playing with my 1 1/2 yr old. Last week a little kid told me I was too big to play at the park, and I wanted to leave, go home, hide, cry, and yell about how mean the world is. But I told her "I promise not to brake anything" and I kept playing with my boy.
My problem is I'v been "working on losing weight" for 8 years, and I GAINED 60 lbs! My husband is thin as a rail no mater what he eats, with a 6 pack to boot without ever working out, AT 32!! Jerk better have passed that to our son. :p Anyhow, I feel alone. I don't know very many people in Nashville (I'm not from here), so I get discouraged easily.
Does anyone have any tips for when I'm ready to give up and eat my feelings?


  1. I have never fought that particular battle, so I don't have any weight loss specific tips.

    I would say this, though - the past several years have taught me the overriding importance of community. Loneliness will make everything seem harder and more pointless. We need people we can laugh with and share little successes with. It seems to me that we can't cry with people we haven't laughed with. Finding that group of people can be extremely difficult, but it is very much worth the effort it takes.

    I think that a strong community makes most battles easier to fight. You need someone besides a husband in your corner, no matter how great he is.

    If you can't celebrate weight related victories, celebrate other ones. Get in the habit of rejoicing in your successes, no matter how small or in what areas. A mind that is used to being happy with itself is a mind that is easier to live with, and you can help your mind learn to be happy with itself.


    1. as odd as this may sound, its nice to have someone other than me say that. I think that I need to make finding a support group of some sort part of my plan. I like the idea of a workout/walking buddy, but I can't let that hold me back this time. And I'm learning to let myself have the small successes, something I will have to work on for a life time to come.

      Thank you Patty,
      I (we) miss you.