Wednesday, January 28, 2015

End of day 3

First off, yesterday was a good day. I felt good by the end of it, and I've started taking my gummy vitamins and gummy fiber at night, and its like a mini snack. The food for day 2 was great, and so far there is nothing I would not eat again. But I've looked into ways to make it my self and that is going to be hard. 

Day 3 was a hard day, today I made banana bread with nuts and chocolate chips. I also had a slice, or 2. I know I know... I cut other foods out to try and make up for the calories but in the end I cheated. Now I need to took at it, admit it, and get over it. It was good, and it made a loop hole that I had to deal with for the rest of the day. as so and I had the first bit I found my self talk was making it ok to have more. After slice #2 i realized how bad this was. I then had to have a constant fight with my inner voice, it kept telling me that I already cheated, and that I may as well have a full dinner too. NO! Hell its still going off, telling me that the strawberry shortcake has to be tossed in the trash if it's not eaten tonight, and how bad that is. I just have to keep in mind that if I eat it I'm tossing my heath in the trash instead (I just told my husband that, he tossed it for me and told me he loved me).

I also started walking the dog yesterday, and today I did 20 sit-ups. I know its not a lot, its not the 30 min a day I should be getting, but its a start. I also dance around with Zed off and on all day. But I want to work on getting stronger as well as smaller. Hell, if I stayed big, but were fit with abs and viking arms, I would be ok with that. Being small is not my goal, being healthy is, living to see my grande-babies, having a body that makes me feel good is my goal.

So tomorrow is a new day, I will buckle back down, I will also leave the house for more than just walking the dog. I have to get some things ready for my brother and his son to get here, so I will be moving around a lot. I like the foods, so I enjoy eating the meals that are planned for me, and I am enjoying knowing that I'm doing this right. Yes i messed up today, but that's part of this. 

My hubby and I have talked about the cost of keeping it going with Nutrisystem, and 2 things play into the yes or no of it. 1: Will i stick with it, or if this a faze. 2: Does the cost of the food work for our family knowing we still need to buy my veggies AND food for 2 grown men and 2 growing boys under age 3. 

The first is more about my dedication to my self than anything. I WANT to lose this 100+ lbs NOW. This year, not next year. If i had stuck with it before I would be done by now! This feels motivating! So than my real problem is the cost. 

The plan is $329.99 for 4 weeks, plus another Fast 5 and a free extra week for 3 months (a deal that came with this kit). OK, so for 3 months there would 16 weeks worth of food for about $990, So the first 4  months (a month of extra food) would cost about $9 a day, and about $12 a day after that. So I need to find a way to make up the cost of the $330 a month before I can start. OK, that's a new project for me... why does getting healthy cost so much! 


  1. I think you should keep that man!

    Food you eat when you don't want it is just as wasted as food you throw out.

    1. Good point, I will have to write that down so that I can tell myself that when it comes up again. Thank you!