Friday, March 7, 2014

mini posts ok?

Again, my charts show i need to eat more... that will forever tick me off. tell me i'm fat because i eat too little... bull crap. but ok, i will add more good food to my meals, toss in a V-8 or 3. Also I'll fight my emotions and suck it up. Turn on some music, and move on. anyone have a favored workout song list?

also, are the short burst posts like this ok? With Zed, I don't feel like i can just sit and write out everything in one go. so pounding it out in mini form may end up being what i do. kinda like long facebook posts, but not... i don't really feel like that is the place for this. also i can come here are all my weight loss stuff is just here, no game crap or other posts to weed out to find what i am looking for. sound good?

also, i have been working out more, and now i just want to sleep more. is that going to be the thing now? before i did that, but it turns out i was also making a baby, so idk if this is just another thing. lol

o, also i found where my hidden calories were, i eat a LOT of nuts and peanut butter, any reason for craving nuts? or is that for the milk?

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