Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 11 full Weigh-in


Start weight:                     265.0 lb
Weight change:                 Lost 20.4 lbs
Current weight:                 244.6 lbs
BMI Status:                      Obese

The week’s change:
-1 lbs

Goal weight:                   145.0 lb
% Goal Complete:          17%
% Time Complete:          8.8%
Days left:                        735


Waist                     45.5 in
Hips                       49.5 in
Thigh                     25.5 in
Upper Arm            14 in
Calf                         16.5 in

So here’s the scoop. According to Spark I have lost inches in all but 2 areas, my arms are the same, and my calf is 1.5 in bigger. What the hell? It’s b/c I’m not walking every day. Right? Fine I’ll stop being lazy. Geez I suck. Lol but I lost my goal pound for this week. I go shopping today so that means a lot of walking. I think the problem I’m having is that I love to walk with music. And I have not done that with my treadmill. I take my laptop and set it up with youtube or Netflix. So I’m going to go back to music and see if that gets me into the groove.

I also didn’t log my food this week, I don’t know why. I have had a very off week this last week. It’s like I came back from PAX and said “F@%& it” to my normal way of doing things. That means today I need to do a lot to get back on that ball. I have so many dishes to wash, and other cleaning things. lists to make, and games to NOT play. That’s my problem, I play my games all day and run out of time. So clean first, game after. Lol so game in a few days. Lol I feel silly. I should go start all that stuff now. TTFN!

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