Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The end of the first month


Waist                     47in
Hips                       50in
Thigh                     26in
Upper Arm             14in
Calf                       15in

Crunch Test:

I did this last night, Shaun helped (he could see my hands touch the 6in line). I did 25 total in 1 min. That puts me under “marginal” for my age.

As for my day, I started it off with a sprain toe. Not kidding, I kicked a chair leg hard, my toe went all the way back and touched the top of my foot. I cried so hard, so no walk today. So instead I stopped every few hours and did 4 “girly” push-ups. It was Shaun’s idea, I can do 4, so if I do 4  every few hours for a week, I will get better. So I’m going to try that. I also did some Supine Bicycle Crunches ( that really burn.

As for good news, I got some today. Shaun go me a treadmill! So now there is no reason not to walk. I could walk in my under things if I want. Wall I need is shoes on. So hip hip hooray!  I’m totally going to MAKE a treadmill desk! And the cool part is it only coat $50, we got it from a friend that is moving. Woot!

So tomorrow I will do the 1 mile walk test, and I will make up the step test Friday. I’m a month in, and 8 lbs gone. That’s 2x my goal, and I’m not going to stop now! Woot! Woot!! I could dance (if my toe would let me)!

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  1. Great! Keep it up and we won't even recognize you when we see you next time.