Monday, July 30, 2012

week 5 weigh-in, review, push-up test

WEEK 4 GOALS(reviewed):

1  Walk 2 miles or more a day
þ  No sugar in my tea (splenda only)
þ  Eat at set times (same time each day)
þ  Eat at the table
þ  Take 30+ minutes at meals, and 10+ minutes at snacks
1  Read to page 44 (Step 1) and pages 70-75, 86-87 from the Cooper Clinic book
þ  Make a shopping list to fallow meal plan from book by Tuesday afternoon
þ  Starting Wednesday, fallow the Cooper Clinic 14 day meal plan


Start weight:                     265.0 lb
Weight change:                 Lost 8.4lb
Current weight:                 256.6 lbs
BMI Status:                      Obese

The week’s change:

Goal weight:                   145.0 lb
% Goal Complete:          7.0%
% Time Complete:          3.6%
Days left:                       777

The Push-up Test

I did 8 modified pushups in 1 min.
That puts me under the “poor” range for strength and endurance in my chest, shoulders, and triceps. 

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