Monday, July 30, 2012


I need to stop some bad habits now before they hurt me.

1)      Weigh myself one time a week, and only one time a week! I will start weigh myself on Monday mornings, and put the scale out of site until the next Monday. Seeing my weight change every day does not help me in the long run. I may have weighed a pound less yesterday, but in the long run it only maters what I lose in a week, and keep off.

2)      I will measure my waist, hips, thigh, upper arm, and calf monthly. Starting the 1st of every month regardless of what day of the week it is. I will also go and get a real measuring tape for this today.

3)      Every morning I will log my log my quality of sleep, stress lvl, energy lvl, and self-esteem lvl. I need to be mindful of these and note any patterns I find. This will help me eliminate events that will make this all harder than it needs to be.

4)      Sunday can be a day of rest but cannot be a day off. no more donuts at church, and I will walk/workout at least 10 minutes.

5)      I will shoot for 2 miles a day, for real, not 1.79 miles, 2 miles.

6)      If I feel sick or my head hurts I will still get up and walk for 10 minutes EVERY day, not days off. I have a feeling that once I’m out there I will find that I can walk more.

7)      I will take self fitness tests this week. There are 4, and I will do a “pushup test” Monday, a “crunch test” Tuesday, a “3-minute step test” Wednesday, and a “1-mile walk test” Thursday. Each day after the test I will post a link to direction for each test and how I did.

8)      I will start my days with upbeat music to get me in to mood to move.

That’s all for now. I will post my weigh-in, changes, and last week’s goal evaluating  after my walk. (the music really helps!)

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  1. These are all wonderful goals! You can do it!
    I love the idea of self fitness tests, and I think I will do this too.