Saturday, July 21, 2012

This = That

3500 calories = 1 pound

250 fewer calories a day = 1/2 lb lost per week
500 fewer calories a day = 1 lb lost per week
1000 fewer calories a day = 5 lbs lost per week

(based on a weight of 200 lbs):
Cal. Per hour for
·                     Walking (@20 min/mile) – 410 cal
·                     Walking (@17 min/mile) – 450 cal
·                     Walking (@15 min/mile) – 550 cal
·                     Tennis (doubles)-  410 cal
·                     Aerobic Dance- 450 cal
·                     Swimming 45 min mile- 700 cal
·                     Jogging (@5 mph)- 680 cal
·                     Cycling (@5.5 mph)- 350 cal
·                     Stair-climbing (machine)- 960 cal
·                     Handball- 1155 cal
·                     Bowling- 325 cal
·                     Basketball- 750 cal
·                     Golf (no cart)- 340 cal
·                     Hiking (-4mph + 20lb. pack) – 650 cal
·                     Rope skipping (@100 skips/min) – 1130 cal
·                     Treadmill (@12 min/mile) – 680 cal
·                     Weight Training/Lifting (light) – 500 cal

Cut calories from meals:
·                     1 Tbsp. fat = 100 cal.
·                     2 Tbsp. sugar = 100 cal.
·                     1 soft drink or beer = 150 cal. (or more)
·                     1 dessert = 500 cal.
·                     Trade 8oz. of meat portion for  4oz. = 280 cal.
·                     Reduce salad dressing to 1Tbsp. (not 3Tbsp.) =100-200 cal.
·                     Trade ½ c. peanuts for a crunchy apple = 270 cal
·                     1 Tbsp. mayo, oil, or butter = 100 cal.
·                     Trade 8 oz, whole milk for fat-free milk = 100 cal.
·                     Trade 12 oz. of OJ for just 6 oz = 100 cal.

The point is not to cut foods out, but cut back. You can pick and choose the trades and things to omit each day.  A women can realistically lose 2-4 lbs per month, and men can realistically lose 5 lbs per month.  Therefore my 1lb a week/4lbs a month is a realistic goal. It is also a goal I have been more than successful with so far. Granted I have not been doing this long, and I understand that I will hit a plateau  at some point. To be honest I’m ok with that and I will have a plan to handle that by then.

I’m almost through week 3, it feels like it took both forever and no time at all. This last week was hard, trying to keep active while sick, and rest enough to get better.  I didn’t push myself this week at all. But I did cut the sugar in my tea, I started using Splenda, 1/3 of a packet per cup makes it sweet enough. I started with a packet (1 packet = 2tsp sugar) and it was way too much, so was ½ a packet, so 1/3 it is. Net week I will try no sugar.

Now that I have an activity chart I can try other things. I didn’t put them all here, just ones I thought might be helpful to others. If you want any others let me know and I will try to find them for you. It helps to know what I’m really burning. The bottom line is to keep moving! Losing weight without working-out means losing lean mass too (50%fat and 50% lean mass). We want to lose fat. A “normal” body has fat: Men- 10-20% body fat and Women - 18-27% body fat is good and normal. (ask a doctor for your healthy target)

Anyway, this is what I’m working on right now. Monday I will review my week 3 goals, and post my week 4 goals as well as my weigh-in. I don’t know if I’ll post tomorrow, we shall see. 

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