Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I noticed that mornings are not the greatest for my tummy. I have a drink of water my tummy starts to wake up. But then is feels tight and unhappy, I feel hungry but the idea of eating makes me sick. I can’t think of anything I want to eat. I know that once I eat something small I’ll be fine and want to eat. But I can’t think of anything good to eat. So I’m going to find a list of food ideas, small meals I can make when I’m not able to think of anything good. I tend to fall back on the foods I’ve had all my life. Things like potatoes, cheese, meat, eggs, and bread (all at once if I can). I’m un-learning that, but when I’m not awake yet I need a little help. So I’m going to make a list and put it inside one of my cabinets.

I had a gym membership with a fitness plan for a year, and they sent me meal plans every week. They told me to cook on Sunday, and eat the same thing every day for the week. That didn’t work for me. But now I have a years’ worth of meal plans. I paid for the things; I’m going to use them! Only I’m not eating the same thing for a week, I can pick and choose off all the plans. I just need to find them now.

Not all the things I like have to be bad. And I know that just because I didn’t like something before doesn’t mean it’s bad or I that I won’t like it now. I need to change how I think of food. I need to learn the truth, and believe it. I need to let it sink in, not just forget about it in a month and go back to the way things were. If I do that I’ll be 300 lbs in no time. This is not just a diet, it’s a life change. I need to keep telling myself that so that I don’t start thinking that is just temporary. That’s also why I’m not doing anything massive right out the door.

Lots of times I’ve talked to people about losing weight, and I hear a lot of the same things. “stop drinking soda pop.” And “don’t eat candy or sweets.” Also “if you like it, you probably shouldn’t have it.” The thing is, I don’t drink soda pop, I don’t eat candy, and I have few sweets. And the last one just can’t be true. Can it?

On another note, no library card yet. There system was down all day Monday, so I did some reading there. Now I feel like maybe I should pick a plan and do it. The South Beach Diet sounds best for me, but I’ve been telling myself I’m not going to fall into the fad diet crap. But am I fooling myself by thinking that I can just change a few things here and there and is will work? Should I find the right diet, the right program, and work through it? I also found a book for a 6 week waling plan that gave me some ideas. But should I fallow that plan? It builds you up to walking 14 miles a week by week 6. I did 10 miles on my week 2. So the goals may need bumped up. But the idea is that you do some of the walking in home, as in walking in place. Does that count?

SO MANY QUESTIONS! I have so many questions. I also pulled out from a weight loss class I took in college. It’s “The Cooper Clinic Solution to the Diet Revolution”, and I got it for the class and never opened it. That’s college for you. But now I’m really doing this, so when I found it in a box I thought to myself “is this an answer from God?” so now I’m going to read it, and work through it. The opening is “How I lost 200 pounds with Georgia’s Plan” and this book is an up to date book of the same plan. It’s from 2009, so not that old.

I will read the opening, the Table of Contents, and Foreword tonight. I’ll read this book before I check out another diet book. I think that is this will work then it’s a tool that I have, and I paid for it, I may as well use it. It’s too bad I didn’t really try when I was in the class. I would be done by now! O well, It’s just another reason to stick with it this time. 

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