Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lets be real about this

Yes, when I first found that I lost 5 lbs I jumped for joy. But I’m going to be real about this. I know that I lost a lot in lbs, but not in inches. I also know that I lost that much because I was sick. Remember that Fat%/Lean% loss I talked about? Well not walking, and not being able to eat, means I lost lean mass too. So this week I will be walking and eating again. So next week I don’t think I’ll lose as much. Shaun and I were talking about it and agreed that I may not lose anything, because I’ll be gaining that lean mass back by walking. He thinks I will lose fat, but my total weight may go up a lb or more. I Hope not.

Also, I was a day off on my shopping plans. So today I shop, tomorrow I start my meal plan. I have it all worked out, and I’m excited.  I am also working on a plan for this weekend. We have lots of big plans for this weekend that have us out of the house. So I need to have a plan for things like food at a party, eating out, and eating on the go. I will not be cooking for myself over the weekend, and we will be eating out.  So I need to be ready to deal with that. Portion control, self control, options.

I know I should be taking my vitamins, I paid quite a bit for them. But I can’t keep them down. That part of my brain that says that I have a whole bottle, and I can waste them or the money I paid for them, is the same part that tells me to keep eating when I’m full for the same reasons. So I need to retrain that part of my brain. I want to try the gummies, but first I need to fix this. So I called the number on the bottle and told them what is going on, and counted the pills left and told them I have 42 of 50 left and I can’t take them. So after telling a few questions they are sending me a coupon for a free bottle of ant one-a-day I want, even gummies. Done and done. I can let these go and not feel bad, and no money waist because I don’t have to pay to replace them.

I’m not cheap, but I’m not made of money. That means that money will come up from time to time. I know that for some people a few dollars may not mean a lot. But for me I need to think about where that would be going if it were not going to this. Events like this weekend, we have a birthday party to go to Friday night, and a geek/nerd music show both Saturday and Sunday nights. The shows are $5-$10 per person, cheap. The party is cost of food/drinks, cheap. But the gas to get to Portland, then Salem, back to Portland, and Salem once more, Portland again, and home to Pendleton, that’s not cheap at all. That’s 614 miles! 11 hours and 36 minutes of driving! (So says Google maps) So yes, I will be trying to save money so that we have the gas we need.

What that also means is I need to bring my stretch bands with me so I can do something in the car. That is 11.5 hours of sitting! People don’t think about that a lot, how many hours a day do we sit, at work, at school, at home (on the computer), and in cars/busses. How much time have I spent on my ass? And I have the nerve to wonder how it got this big? Jeez! I want one of the fancy treadmill desks, so that I can walk while I am on my laptop. If I had had one from a teed on, I would be so slim and fit. We need them in schools! If 2 of my classes in high school had them, and I had to walk all that class time, I would not be this fat person.  But they are not cheap. They should be! They should be no more than $100, not $400- $2,000!

 I should start a kick start for fit America! Find a company to make the treadmill desks for cheap, make a fit library/gym, and make it about being fit, not making money off people that need help. I’ve gone to “Free” clinics (they are not free), and all they would do is say I was fat, lose weight and then they would help.  Well why not help me lose weight? Why send me away sick? If I’m sick because I’m fat, help me not be fat so I cannot be sick. Where is the free fitness clinic? So many people want to bitch about all the fat people in the US, but they make getting fit cost a lot too. Why eat fast food? Because a meal can be as cheap as $3, it’s hot, and they put stuff in it to make you crave it. Fast food is a cheap drug, and yes it kills. Yet it’s pushed on very young kids. That is wrong with the country?? 

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