Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My thought are out walking too

So I have been doing a lot of thinking, about what to do, what I’ve tried before, why that didn’t work. That’s right, big surprise, I’ve tried to lose weight before. The thing is, I would lose 20 lbs, and gain 30 lbs. lose 10 and gain 15, so on and so forth. I don’t want that to happen again. I want to do this for real, and long term.

I found a blog that is really good, it’s and its more than good, its great. She is one of my new inspirations. She is real and down to earth, and I understand her struggle. She also pointed out something that I had been thinking myself, about the blog part. My blog adds constant public accountability. If I know someone is reading my blogs then I want to push on just so I don’t give up in public. If I were doing this on my own then I could quit no one would know or really care. My husband agrees, he can encourage me but we both know that he likes the added backing the blog gives. He has a blog as well and writes his deep thought from time to time. So he understands the psychological effects a blog can have on a person. I love him so much!

We started talking about a reword system last night, and about a few other things. When it comes to rewords we know we need to stay away from food. No point in saying that if I lose 20 lbs we can go out for ice cream. So we are talking about things like going out to the movies, and money for game stuff. I really want a dish washer, but I don’t need one. So last night he told me when I get to 225 lbs he will go out and get me that dishwasher I want. That sounds great to me!  So that’s my first big prize. He also said that he wants to start saving some money so that when I hit 145 lbs we can do something big. Like a cruse or a trip, or if I want it and I need it, a tummy tuck. My pick! So that’s way cool. But let’s be honest, the big prize will be being thin, being healthier, and living longer. But a trip or something might be nice too. Or a tummy tuck if I need it, I don’t know if all my skin CAN shrink down again. I’ve got hang now, I can just the hang after I lose another 113 lbs.

You know that’s something not a lot of people that have done this talk about. I have a few friends that have lost 60 – 100 lbs, and they were honest about it with me. No point in lying about it, the stretch marks can fade some but don’t go away, skin can shrink back some but not all the way, and the stomach can shrink but it can grow again. So I understand that I need to make life changes, and I’ll never look like I did when I was 17. That’s fine as long as I can buy close where the only reason it has XXX is if its making a sex remark. Lol I don’t really buy anything like that any way, but I still have XXX on my tag. It kind of makes me think, odd one means you’re really fat, and the other means porn. Sorry, that really is off topic.

So yesterdays walk was hell, by that I mean hot. It was 93 out, and my water had ice in it when I left home, and by the time I got to Wal-Mart 45 min later, what was left was only left because it was too hot to drink. I put ice in it when I got there, and it kept melting until the bottle was full again, with a little ice in it. But it was cold and good. Than I walked around the store at a slow pace for almost 2 hours, I walked more than a mile just in the store. Nuts! I had a list earlier in the day about the things I want to change.  Here, I’ll just post it.

1.       Lose 115 lbs by September 16 2014 (based on a loss of 1 lb a week)
2.       Lose 1 lb a week
3.       Eat 2 salads a week
4.       Workout or walk 5 days a week
a.       45 min each for the first 3 weeks
b.      60 min each after
c.       More adjustments made latter
5.       Take daily vitamins
6.       Drink 4 or more glasses of water (outside of other drinks like tea)
7.       Weigh-in every Monday
8.       Take measurements on the second and fourth Monday of each month
9.       Log food daily
10.   Log workouts and walks daily
11.   Blog 2 or more times a week

It’s a start, and there changes and additions later on, but I think it’s a good start. I don’t want to make too many changes to start out, or make them too hard. That way I don’t set myself up for failure. I know I will fail from time to time, its number one of the list. O, here is the list I got from the Pasta Qween:

1)      Expect failure, but keep trying
2)      Don’t deny yourself
3)      Weigh yourself often
4)      Exercise regularly
5)      Find ways to add little bits of physical activity into your daily routine
6)      Eat a high carbohydrate, low fat diet
7)      Eat about five meals a day starting with breakfast

So lets brake this down:
1)      I am ok knowing I will fail, when I do I will forgive myself, try harder, and move on.
2)      I will still enjoy life, sweets, video games, and my tea. But I will have less, less sweets, less sitting around, less sugar in my tea.
3)      I will be weighing myself weekly.
4)      I will be working out 5 days a week.
5)      I will make it a point to get up and stretch and do something every few hours (it help my legs no lock up too)
6)      I will not avoid noodles or bread, and pick “fats” smart and less often.
7)      I have my log set up with breakfast, am snack, lunch, after noon snack, dinner, pm snack. I may not always have a pm snack, but it’s ok if I do.

Speaking of failing, I failed to get a scale yesterday. So today I get to walk to the store again, I think I will look at bi-mart this time. So I have a walking quest today. And I weighed in Monday so I’m not behind or anything. So not a total fail, I’m turning it into a reason to walk, so it’s good now. Right? Right.

Ok, I’ll stop here before this gets too long. I’ve got some cooking and cleaning to do anyhow, and I get to log that as exercise too so that rocks. I’ve put 5 miles behind me in the last 2 days. Let’s see if I can top last week’s 9 mile total!

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  1. yay! good clear reasonable goals and some random thoughts to make sense of it.