Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A bit of an angry start today

Well I got sick this morning. I think it was from taking a vitamin right when I woke up, on an empty stomach.  So that was fun. Now I know better. I got the one a day energy, maybe it will help me get up and get moving. I also got fiber pills. I thought that it would be good to take one with each meal, but then I read not to take fiber more than 7 day. So I looked it up online, and found zip. I use a site that lets you ask questions and people can find out the answer for you, like doctors and people that know from doing it. So I ask if it was ok to take a fiber pill with each meal for longer that 7 days. It got closed because one of the people in charge thought it was a stupid question. I am a little pissed.

This is my problem with not getting an answer because someone thinks what I’m asking is stupid. I did not grow up in a healthy home, so there are a lot of things I don’t know. I didn’t eat a salad until I was 20-years-old, and I loved it, but that night I got sick and it all came back up. My body didn’t know what to do with it. Canned green beans were my veggie growing up. We had plane burgers, plane pizza, plane food. I ate green beans from time to time, and that was it. When I left my mom’s home and started to eat at my boyfriend’s family’s house, I got made fun of because I did eat veggies. I had never met a vegetarian before, never known someone to eat just a salad as a meal. I grow up thinking you lived on meat and potatoes, and if you didn’t get that you would starve to death. I’m not kidding. My dad loved getting young us kids to believe all kinds of lies because he thought it was fun to fool someone. But he never told us the truth, we learned the hard way.

In 2nd grade I cried in class when someone marked my arm with a permanent marker because my dad told me that was how you got tattoos, the permanent meant it would never come off. I cried, and everyone made a ring around me while the teacher laughed at me and told me the truth. When I got home I cried again when I told my dad about it and he laughed at me too. Looking back, most of the thing he told me we lies. I watched him with my little girl, telling her that god was an alien child and we were its toys so if she made god mad it would brake her and throw her away. I set him straight right there, he would never ever lie to my little girl, or me, ever again. And I have not talked to him much since then, he doesn’t understand. He thinks he was in the right. “If you were stupid enough to believe it than that’s your fault!” he told me. He had no business having kids, ever.

Ya, I’ve got some problems. No, I don’t know a lot that I should. Yes, that does make life harder than it needs to be. Yes, a lot of the time when I go seeking truth about something that other people learn as a kid, I get made fun of. My husband is one of the few people that truly understands and loves me for looking for truths that others take for granted. He has met my family and knows what I came from, and respects the fight I’ve had to stop being like them. So no, I don’t know the rules about fiber, and yes I’m taking it because I’m still learning how to eat and like veggies and salads.

Example: You may think it’s stupid to not know what an artichoke is or how to eat one, that’s fine. I however will never forget my first artichoke, and learning how to cook one and eat it was a great time for me and the friend that took half a day to show me how. He showed me the photos of it growing, the flowers they can be come. He shared his favorite way of boiling it in water with dill pickle spices, mixing mayo with garlic, seasoning salt, and lemon to dip it in. Then we sat down and he showed me how to dip it and scrape the leaves along my teeth to get the “meat” and not eat the hard leave. We looked up other ways to cook them, and what spices go good with them, different dips and garnishes, and we had a great time. Now I can make a killer artichoke, and I’ve have had the joy of doing the same thing with some of my family.

I know a lot more now that just 5 years ago, and I’m still learning. But when I ask something and get told that if I don’t know by now then I must be too stupid to learn, you damn right I get a little pissed. I understand that I should know, but if I don’t, how the hell do I ever learn? I read all kinds of questions online that are posted by people asking things because they think it’s funny to be stupid. I’m not one of them, and if you don’t know that’s fine. When I find out I’d be glad to share. But if you know something, what’s wrong with answering? How does it hurt you? If it's so common then it’s not like it’s a secret that you’ll get into trouble for telling me.

Is there something in or about fiber therapy pills that make it bad to take one 3 times a day, long term? Yes, I know its better to eat veggies and salads and fruit. I am working that into my diet, and when I am getting it on a daily base than I will stop. But until then, will the fiber pills be bad? I know getting fiber is good, and it will help me feel full at meals. I know what it does in my gut, and that some people take it to poop. Whatever, that’s great, you can skip that part if that’s why you don’t want to talk about it. I understand poop is taboo and you don’t talk about it, and fiber is linked with poop for some people. That fine, I want to know at what point fiber becomes not safe and why?  If I take it with my vitamin or other medicine will it change how they work?

Ok, I feel better. Sorry, I think I just needed to speak my peace. I’m totally ok now. So now I can write what I wanted to in the first place.


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