Saturday, July 14, 2012

I’m going to pay with sweat!

This afternoon I had a weak feeling all over my body, I felt hot and shaky and I was afraid my blood sugar was getting low. So I ate a protein bar, nice and slow. Then I had some grapes, one at a time, slow. I also striped and turned on the AC. About 15 – 2o minutes later I felt fine. I just don’t know if it was my blood sugar or the heat. So now I’m thinking about getting one of those meters so I can test my blood. The only problem would be coast, I know you can get free ones, but the strips can get expensive. But I can at least look and see what I can find out.

Monday I will be going to the local library, again. I couldn’t get a card Friday because when I called and asked what to bring they said one thing, mail. I even asked if that was really it, they said yes. So I grabbed the gas bill and my water bottle and headed to the library. I got there 20 minutes before closing thinking that would be just enough time to get the cart and the 2 books I had looked up and had the call numbers for. I tell them I called and here is the mail, and they ask for more stuff. Stuff I don’t have yet because I just got married, and moved. Stuff they had just told me I would not need. So Monday I will go get my new ID with my new name and address, and go get my new library card. Then I can study up about nutrition and some diet plans without paying for the books. Free tools are good tools.

It’s Saturday night, and I feel all right. No really, I walked 1 mile more this week than last week. And I may not have eaten 2 salads, but I did eat a lot more broccoli. I also started adding things like chopped spinach or broccoli to foods every day. So that counts, and I will keep that up easy. Thanks Alex P. for showing me how good broccoli in tomato sauce is, that’s something Shaun and I both love now. And with the right vinegar, asparagus is great. I may make a veggie related goal for each week, or an ongoing one that will help me. I don’t really know yet.

So it’s the end of week 2 and I am still doing this thing! Woot! On top of that I’m not paying for it with cash. I have looked at all kinds of things that I hear will help. Books, web tools, meetings, foods, tools, and they all cost money.  I think it total bullshit that if you want to get healthy you have to pay for it. 

I could pay $10 – $15 a week to go to one meeting a week with other people that are trying to lose weight, where they weigh you and tell you how many points you can eat each day. I can pay $300 - $500 a month for tiny foods that get shipped to my house and taste bad but make me lose weight if I don’t break down and eat with my husband instead. I can pay $30 - $60 a month to use a gym, and have all kinds of nice equipment to use in a nice cool place. I can pay $10 - $20 per book to read how to do all this, and another $10 - $50 per cookbook. Don’t forget the pills, that’s $20 - $100 a month right there. O and there are the creams, wraps, waters, CD’s, scales that read body fat, gadgets that count steps and miles, weights that you can add to your arms and legs to make you burn extra fat with everything you do, and they all cost money. Why!?!

 There should be a free gym, with all the books and cookbooks you could read. And it should have cheap vitamins that work well, and classes to show you things like cooking and working out. And if you can’t pay for vitamins then volunteer to work there for them. People that want to lose weight should have a place that they just meet at few times a week, for free, so they can talk and help each other out, for free. I don’t care if it’s at a park or a church, or if it’s at my house or yours as long as I can walk there and be safe. Why do I have to pay someone? It’s stupid. I’m not going to pay with money, I’m going to pay with sweat!

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  1. there are a lot of free tools, but it takes some searching to find the good info.