Monday, August 6, 2012

Here's What's New

This may sound bad but today was the first day I didn’t need to hold my tummy back with my hands to read the scale! The treadmill is a big help. I can set my laptop up there and watch YouTube videos while I walk, or have my favorite music blasting at me. I tried playing minecraft while walking, but when I walk try to walk left or right in the game my body would try to do the same. So I need to train my brain a bit so that will work.

Watermelon is like my favorite snack now, I can eat tons (2 cups) and it’s less than 100 calories. I don’t know about you, but for me 2 cups fills me way up, Shaun eats my last few bites most times. And the watermelon we got at the farmers market is so sweet and yummy, ¼ of it is enough to both of us. I eat so many fruits and veggies now, it’s nuts. I totally get it now, the fruits and veggies fill me up and I don’t fill up on junk, fat, and carbs.

We even when out to eat one time this weekend, taco bell. I ordered the new burrito that they say you’ll love it or they replace it. Well they replaced it. It didn’t have any taste to me, it was just a wet burrito. So I got a crunch wrap, and I couldn’t eat it all. That means my stomach is smaller. That’s a good thing. Now normally I go the thing with the most meat and cheese, I didn’t like the crunch wrap b/c it had so much “green crap” on it. But this time it was the first thing I wanted. And it was so good, and I’m not craving it anymore. So that’s another good thing

O and this site is great. I’m totally a mini quest girl, and I love points, and that is what this site is all about. I love it! If anyone wants to join me let me know. My user name is JBrasington on that site. I know, not very creative but it’s me and I’m very proud of my new last name. Feel free to share any sites or tools you have found with me. I’m thinking about writing a mini blog about each one I know about and have tried. That way others can pick the one that would work best for them. I know that finding the program that works for you is important. I think I may have found mine.  Only time will tell.

I walked 10 miles last week, and I did walk 5 days, but not the min 2 miles. But I did have a 4 mile day, so that’s good. This week I will try for 10 miles or more. I would like to pass the 10 mile mark. I have hit that mark more than ones.

I will keep up the new way of eating, I have a few days left on my 14 day plan, and I will keep it up after. I did check out the south beach diet book, it has cooking ideas in it too. I haven’t pulled up the old menus yet. SparkPeole has a menu plan too that makes a shopping list. The only problem I’ve had so far is that we’ve spent almost $300 on food for 2 weeks. That’s a lot. Veggies and fruits are not good after long. so I have to get them weekly, and I forgot some things when we went shopping because I was flustered at have an overflowing shopping cart. And yes we still have food, but we are out of a few things that make the meal. so I need to play with things so that I can use what we have.

Also I got my gummy vitamins today. So I think that will help not only with my health, but with stopping food cravings. I also got a blood glucose tester for not that much. So not I can test when I feel that panic shaky feeling, and know if I need to eat or what, I stopped drinking coffee b/c I get shaky and it feels kinda like that start of low blood sugar.

But the really really big thing, Shaun when ahead and got me the dishwasher! I love him so much. So now that’s less time standing, more time walking. O man lets not play down the treadmill. That is going to make this  for me. so unless I’m sick, there is no reason not to walk. Rain, snow, 120 degree heat, hail, none of that can stop me now. Just my head hurting… but I think that will start to be less. It will never go away all the way, but as my health gets better I think I will have more pain free days.

As for my walk a mile test the results are mixed. So I will try 3 tests, on 3 days, and give the average and I’m not fit enough for the step test. I can’t take my heart rate myself b/c its too fast. But this week I will keep up on the push-ups and crunches too, 

Good night for now.  

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