Monday, July 9, 2012


Today’s quest list:

1.       Go feed joe’s cats
2.       Box up kitchen stuff to bring home
3.       Visit DMV
4.       Fine a scale and weigh myself

Let me just say that I will I had not given up my scale when we moved. I have no idea if I’m losing anything. What I do know is that I’v been logging what I eat, and I have not changed anything yet. Still I have found that I ate an average of 1683.5 calories a day last week. So I should be losing weight. I also walk more now than I did before we moved. But other than my legs not hurting so much after a long walk, I feel like nothing has changed. So I’m really hoping that I lost at least a pound.

I only walked 4 days last week because my head was killing me Friday. Saturday we moved in our couch and some tables and stuff, and had a friend over. Sunday in our day of rest and we spend it together doing whatever we like (mostly we play games). So this week I need to step it up and make it all 5 days. I don’t want to slack off at all, and I know myself. If I let myself miss one this week to, 4 a week will become my normal, not 5. I don’t want that. I can do this, I just need to get up and go.

So that’s what I’ll do. I will make it a goal to be out the door every day before 3pm. That gives me 2 hours before Shaun is off work. I will pick somewhere and start walking. Even if all I do is walk across town to look around the GameStop for a bit. Then I start for home, and if I make it home great. If not then I will have Shaun pick me up. As long as I walk for 45 min or more each time this week, I’m fine. I will reevaluate for next week and see how I should step it up again.

I’m thinking about this because right now I have a reason to leave every day. I take care of some cats, but not for too long.  So I’m thinking about my motivations after the cats are gone. I’m a gamer, and I love games with mine quests. So I stopped writing a todo list, and I started calling it my quest list. It’s silly but I like it and it works. I don’t need it to work for other people, just me. So I will be as silly as I need to be to get things done. If changing the name of a list helps than so be it. Why the hell not?  I’m doing things my way, and I will change it as needed.

Now I need to get ready for another walk in the heat. I’ll post what I lost later. 

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