Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 2/ Week-1

~total miles walked so far this week:  5

Well I only thought about making a blog today. I think of this as a way to track myself, give me something to look forward to as I walk, and look back on when times get hard. I'm also using Dailymile and Myfitnesspal to keep track and set goals.

To start out I'm going to walk for a minimum of 60 minets a day, 5 days a week. This week I will start tracking what I eat (as of today) so that I can see what I need to change. My husband and I are talking about me trying Medifast. Really the big question is do we want to pay $330 a month for mini meals, plus dinners, plus his normal food? He is in great shape, and can eat anything, and as much as he likes. He still has a 29inch waist! I pray our kids get that from him.

A little background: I was a fit kid and teen. When I was 17 I was about 160lbs, and had a 32inch waist I was happy with. I was strong and loved to walk and ride my bike all day long. If someone needed to move something heavy they would call me. Things didn’t change until I was 18, and I got pregnant. Everyone told me I had to stop riding my bike all over, I had to stop walking so much, and I needed to eat more, blah blah blah. They were all full of it, and I didn’t know any better.

When I gave birth to Shelby she was 8lbs 14oz, and I was 250lbs. that was in 2003. I got down to 210lbs but I never could get below 200lbs. when Shelby was a year old I found out I was pregnant again. This time I didn’t gain a pound. But as I go to my 3rd trimester something went wrong, I was put on all kinds of meds to try and save him, but my son died. A few months later, rather that deal with the loss, my long term boyfriend and the father of both my children left me and took out little girl with him to live with his mom. I became a stress eater, and I slept all the time. After a few years of that I realized I was 260lbs. bigger that I had been when I was 9 months along with a very big baby.

My husband and I met in college, we too yoga and a few other classes together. He knows all about my past and has been my rock from day one. He loves me, big and all. But I don’t like that he has to slow his life down so that I can keep up. I want to have my active life back; I want to have a waist line, not rolls. So I’m doing this, for real.

My all time dream would be to get to 145 or less. My actual goals will be in chunks:

1.       My first goal is just to lose 1lb a week, anything over that is gold.
2.       I want to get below 200lbs, to that is on my list.
3.       I also want to be able to walk more than 2 miles without my legs hurting and feeling like it was a long walk.
4.       I want to be able to walk home from town without having to slay down to a crawl and feeling like I may pass out (I live on a steep hill).
5.       There is a long steep set of stairs at the end of 13th that go half way up the hill, I want to be able to walk down them without my legs shaking.
6.       I want to be able to walk UP the stairs at 13th.
7.       I want to go for a jog and make it more than 4 blocks without feeling like I can’t breathe.
8.       I want to fit size 10 jeans!

Ok I said “I want” but that is a fast list of goals. I will refine it this week and post a real list with target dates and rewords for myself. Like I said, the real solid ones are to work out or walk for an hour, 5 days a week, and to lose 1lb a week. Also to track food and workouts online. I will find a way to like it all together here if I can.

So that’s it, I’m going to walk it off. 

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